"Our members may lack direction in life, but that's okay, they're just along for the ride." An organization of motorcyclists, classic or otherwise, who reside in central Oklahoma.

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BLHOT began in the late 80's with a group of classic European motorcyclist and restorers in the Oklahoma City metro area. Most had been practicing their hobby unknown to each other. After the turn out for a few "Classic bike for sale" ads in the local media they begin to discover others of like mind. It was discussed that maybe they should get together for a group ride. Jerry Martin sent out the first invitation for a group ride to all that were known at the time. About 10 to 15 bikes showed up at the rally point. We have never looked back as the membership has continuously expanded ever since. After a couple of years it was recommended that maybe we should have a name. Names were tossed about for acceptance. An irreverent group, we decided to adopt the acronym BLHOT, which stands for "Blimey Limeys and a HOG or Two". Which pretty much summed up the predominance of vehicles involved at the time. But, bikers being what they are, many also own modern machines too. All brands and years of bikes are welcomed as we have no prejudice regarding vehicles of two wheels.
Current Officers:
El Presidente - Vacant
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer - Larry Wallace, AKA Tigger
Web Manager - Richard Wright

BLHOT meets at least once a month on the third Tuesday evening of each month. Watch the Events page for announcements on where and when. The group usually discusses recent, suggested and upcoming rides and activities as well as conducts a 50/50 pot. The 50/50 pot goes to raise funds for the annual Christmas dinner.

This website also contains links to image files from various rides contributed by the members. Images are posted to members' image hosting sites such as Google Picasa. Go here to see a list.

Members can offer items for sale free of charge via this website by sending an email to the webmaster along with a description of the item, at least one image of decent quality and contact information. Go here to see items currently posted.

BLHOT is funded, operated and maintained solely by the rider/members. There are, at the moment, no sponsors. Any links to other websites are purely voluntary. Any logos used in this website (other than BLHOT) remain the property of the respective owners and is not intended to convey any form of partnership, endorsement, right or liability.

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